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Human Underneath

D E M O  D A Y



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4.00 pm  |  Opening | Luigi Capello, CEO LVenture Group

4.10 pm  |   Presentation | Giulio Montoli, Head of Acceleration Program and Pre Seed LVenture Group


4.20 pm  |  Pitch session #1

•  Enzers
•  Indaco
•  Reasoned Art
•  Cyclando
•  We4Guest


5.10 pm  |  Special Guest | Silvio Pagliani, Co-Founder


5.20 pm  |  Pitch session #2 

•  Candle St.
•  Screevo
•  Teta

6.10 pm  |  Closing

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Things that surround us often seem distant.

Take technology.
It's numbers, codes, results, statistics.

But that's the facade. Tear it down.
What's underneath?

It's a pulse. A laugh. It's effort. Commitment. Intuition. Choices.
Behind every bit of code, there's a coder.

Behind every milestone, there's a founder.
Behind every piece of data, there is a person.

Those are the people we greet today.

People you can see, you can listen, you can challenge.

People you can trust.

When it comes to digital, it's human underneath.

Our Startups

Here are the nine digital enterprises we selected to pitch this Demo Day. 

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Candle Street is a user-friendly platform to create personalized scented candles and receive them directly at home.

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Indaco is a marketplace app for social shopping focused on the beauty industry: an interactive experience with live streaming shows and live chat.

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Teta is a cooperative app builder to help companies and freelancers build new apps reducing costs and production time.

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Cyclando is the one stop digital shop for cycling holidays, where users can build their own personalized trip.

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Reasoned Art is a CryptoArt gallery that uses NFTs to certify and sell digital artworks, combining physical events with online exhibitions.

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Yuppi is a digital platform to publish content marketing articles in the most suitable blogs and online newspapers.

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Enzers is a d2c brand that makes the consumer experience for home hygiene products greener, simpler, and suitable for digital generations.

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Screevo is a voice assistant that allows Industry 4.0 workers to control any machine or software system via voice.

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We4Guest is an all-in-one SaaS for the hospitality industry to reduce intermediation costs and improve the operational process.

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