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Gabriele Teschioni

Co-Founder & CEO

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Startup details


Candle customers are always looking for new fragrances to fit different purposes, different moods, different seasons or just to try new scents. For those who use scents to relax and meditate, it is often a struggle to find the perfect combination. Currently, no brand offers a tailored process to get your own scented candle.


With Candle Street, customers can choose among hundreds of thousands of combinations, thanks to a simple and smooth platform that allows them to personalize every detail of their candle.

How it


It takes 3 simple steps: at first, choose up to 3 fragrances to mix and define their intensity, then personalize the wick, the color, and the label’s style. In a couple of days, the perfect candle will be delivered directly at home.



Nowadays, the scented candles market is worth 4.5B$ globally. It is a huge, untapped, and growing opportunity, with a CAGR of 4.8%.


The team has the goal to scale up the production by gradually automating the process. In this way, they can focus on growing their offer of possible combinations and structuring a functional B2B funnel.


Team with strong cross-functional skills to support the rapid growth of Candle Street, from digital marketing to software and industrial engineering.