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B2B Service

Giacomo Chinellato

Co-Founder & CEO

Financial Need € 350k

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In a scenario where online brand awareness becomes so relevant, SMEs struggle to improve their positioning. They need to gain more reviews, more feedbacks, more loyal customers. To do so, they need to implement an engaging post-purchase experience, but at the moment the process can be held just with a mix of different tools.


With a single link, Climbo allows the entrepreneur to send requests for different types of reviews, feedback, and referrals from their customers. Then, every reply can be analyzed through a dashboard that collects all the feedbacks received. With a simple, but powerful tool, every SME can manage the post-purchase experience as a big brand.

How it


By connecting your Business Page with Climbo, you are able to monitor and manage all your reviews, in one single place.



The global customer experience management market size was valued at USD 7.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to register a CAGR of 17.7% until 2027, but this opportunity is tackled just by fragmented tools.


They want to extend their service and build a mobile app with a strong vision: become the main alternative to review management tools. Meanwhile, they are working to establish their brand in Italy and the US. Q4 of 2021 will be entirely focused on internationalization.


A team of entrepreneurs, which experienced the very same need as business owners. It is a perfect blend of business and digital professionals, along with a strong tech team.