26 NOVEMBER 2020

3.00 pm

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Right where today's technologies set their limit, pioneers see an edge.

Beyond the boundaries of the known world, there is a brave new world.

Five months ago, we chose these startups because we realized they truly had an edge on the others.

We have accelerated them and pushed them forward, beyond the edge of change.

Today, you get to meet them first.

Welcome to Demo Day.


Our Startups

Here are the six digital enterprises we selected to pitch this Demo Day. Find out more and book a slot for a private Q&A session.

A SaaS platform that helps micro and SMEs forecast cash flows, anticipate liquidity deficiencies, and suggest the most suitable financing solutions.

A cross-border digital export platform to sell products in China, allowing companies to access the most popular Chinese platforms and reach over a billion consumers.

A software house that develops and distributes apps for agriculture, helping farmers update and process their data to increase the productivity and reduce the environmental impact.

A cloud-based platform designed to make e-commerce investments in digital media channels more effective and measurable, allowing an optimization of ROI up to 30%.

An online long-term rental service that provides clean, ironed, home delivered shirts, cutting costs and time waste while assuring a flawless outfit everyday.

A marketplace to directly connect companies and qualified micro-influencers, to create and manage more engaging social campaigns.


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