The Waves of Things to Come


20 MAY 2021

3.00 pm


There is a pattern about change.

It starts with a single note that resonates quite different from usual.

It's the first drop of rain you feel on your skin, it's a stone you thrown on a pond. 

It's a statement.

And then it propagates and it multiplies and it reaches out.

Change comes in waves.

It gets bigger, it goes further. 

Welcome to Demo Day.


Our Startups

Here are the six digital enterprises we selected to pitch this Demo Day. 

Ristocall is the platform where professionals can upskill and be matched with restaurants looking for staff.

The e-learning platform that adapts to the students' strengths and weaknesses.

This Unique is a customizable subscription box with menstrual and pre-menstrual products.

Climbo is a software that helps companies improve customer retention,

referral and up-selling, with a single link.

Mechanika is the largest European marketplace for agricultural and industrial components.

A flexible solution for on-demand storage.

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