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Andrea Chirolli

Co-Founder & CEO

Financial Need € 1M

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Startup details


To date, 82% of students do not pass the admission tests to the university of their dreams. This problem occurs in Italy as well as abroad, due to the poor methodology applied to prepare for the tests.


The solution is a platform that leads the student on specific paths for each preparation test. The peculiarity of Futura lies in its continuous ability to adapt to the needs of every single student: it maximizes study time and test scores by learning from past mistakes and targeting weak points with extra attention.

How it


Students can access the simulations of the test and/or of the single subjects at any time, in order to evaluate their preparation and the main shortcomings. The platform will show and organize the study path based on the results and preferences of the user, who will be able to access the video courses directly on the platform.



The online preparation market is reaching €6 bn worldwide. To date, the alternatives for a student are costly tutoring preparation services, as well as digital player products that offer standard online courses.


Starting with a traditional tutoring model for the medicine test, the Futura team has built a complete platform, that will soon be adapted to the English courses and the GMAT. This can be easily adapted to each vertical. The goal is to launch in the US next year.


An energetic team consisting mainly of Gen Z students, perfectly conscious of what their customers are looking for in a learning course. All members have a strong vision and willingness to pursue their goals.