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Marco Giannone


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Startup details


he new generations of shoppers, Gen-Z and Millennials, crave for live and interactive experiences, and when it comes to making a purchase, they follow the advice of influencers and digital creators, who are seen as the new experts. Current online shopping platforms are not designed to meet these new needs coming from both customers and sellers.


Indaco offers a frictionless social shopping experience. It’s a dedicated marketplace app, available for iOS and Android, where influencers can interact with shoppers, promote and sell products they love through live streaming shows and short videos.

How it


It’s a B2B2C marketplace. Indaco partners with brands by providing them with a live shopping channel on the app where they can host their shows and sell their products.

Selected digital creators can use the brand's products inside Indaco to create their live shows and short videos.

The platform takes a 10% commission for each product sold through the app.



Social shopping is a new megatrend coming from Asia. In 2020 it was valued $150B and this year it will be valued $350B. It has just arrived in the US and is estimated to reach $36B this year. Indaco is currently focused on the European beauty e-commerce market, valued at $88.5B and growing with a CAGR of 47%.


The app will reach more than 10k users and 20 influencers in 2021. Today the sale conversion rate during the live shows is more than 30%. On the brand side, they acquired 6 brands and will focus on growing these numbers. The goal is to scale the process in 2022.


skilled founding team, with strong competence in tech and startup ecosystem. The team is completed by several key roles on the marketing side.