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Giulio Bozzo


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Startup details


NFTs have created a system led by speculation and FOMO in which true artists do not see their works valued. The current digital art market lacks the values of the traditional art system, which are still key to curators, critics and art collectors.


An ecosystem where tradition and innovation coexist, combining physical events and digital art. Through the protection of intellectual property, technological innovation and artistic curatorship, it allows the underlying value of NFTs’ Art, to be appreciated, exposed and exchanged.

How it


Artists are selected, curated and exposed online and physically through an extensive network, then artworks are sold on the marketplace. Artists, curators, collectors, critics and art lovers are connected through a social ecosystem (DAO).



orn in 2018, the market of Digital Art connected to NFTs has reached $ 5B worldwide in 2021, an impressive growth that can potentially disrupt the whole € 65B art market.


Reasoned Art will launch a one of a kind sale on December 20th, 2021 and it be fully operative from January 2022.


A complete team, with a set of competences that goes from art and communication to tech and crypto. Plus, they have a great pool of advisors from the traditional art industry.