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Domenico Crescenzo


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Startup details


Manufacturing workers spend an average of 3 hours per day entering data into forms, spreadsheets and software systems.


Screevo is a SaaS to make workers control any machine or software system directly via voice, cutting time waste and costs related to manual data entries.

How it


After the production set up, Screevo is available with an annual subscription fee. Prices vary based on the number of processes configured for the voice assistant and number of users.



Considering that there are 46,000 factories in Italy investing in digitalization, an average of 50 workers/factory and an annual subscription of 600 €/worker, the Italian market alone is valued at 1,4 billion euros.


Screevo closed a deal for a Seed round ($ 500K) with Boost VC, a Silicon Valley based accelerator. This investment will be used to turn Screevo into a self-service platform to build custom voice assistants. Within 12 months, Screevo plans to be live with at least six customers to improve traction and launch the next round for the scale-up phase.


A fast growing international team with a keen knowledge in the industry.