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Andrea Buttarelli


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Startup details


Creating an application often presents considerable development time, very high costs, long workflows for testing and communication problems between designers and developers.


A low-code platform for creating apps in few days, significantly reducing costs. An innovative interface allows visual design and online collaboration on the same project. Teta supports programming logic and easy integration of Supabase and Wordpress. The output is a complete application folder, ready for iOS and Android.

How it


After registering on the platform, users can immediately start working on their app. Thanks to the Tree View, blocks can be built in the same logic as coding.



Low-Code tools will be used on 65% of the world's app development by 2024. Teta’s target is mostly composed by Flutter developers and UX&UI designers. On the B2B side, it is addressed to startups, agencies, universities and schools.


The team plans to launch Stable Version in 2021, then to continuously launch new features and integrations, in order to build a complete app.


A young team of designers and developers, guided by two university professors.