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Health & Beauty

Vincenzo Mansi

Co-Founder & CEO

Financial Need € 500k

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Startup details


After centuries of dealing with periods, women nowadays still cannot count on a complete offer of female hygiene products. They often have to opt for standard plastic products that are harmful to their body. This situation is also amplified by a sense of great discomfort when talking about the topic in general, which inevitably leads to disinformation.


A recurring need requires a recurring solution. This Unique offers tampons, pads, and pre-menstrual products, customizable according to every customer’s needs. Each product is in pure compostable cotton, so that is good for body and for nature. Parallel to the core product, they are working to promote debate and information about female hygiene.

How it


Each box can be personalized with different kinds of tampons and pads, to be received  one-time or on a recurring basis, according to the duration of each period.



Female hygiene is a – still traditional – market led by GDO brands, valued at 2,6 Billion € just in Italy. This Unique replicates the same model of the new players from the US and EU, with a richer offer.


This Unique is a young brand, yet it already gained a lot of resonance. The goal is to become a point of reference in the fight against cycle-related taboos. On the product side, their goal is to internalize tampons/pads’ R&D, extend their offer to Pre-Menstrual products, and then addressing female sexual well-being.


A young team with the right vertical skills in product design, communication, and business development. This diversity allowed them to easily create and deliver a really valuable and original product from scratch.