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Federico Prugnoli

Co-Founder & CEO

Financial Need € 400k

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Startup details


Today, storage experience is really annoying. If you have to do restructuring works, move to another home, or simply store some boxes, you have to go through a long process done by phone calls, meetings and time-wasting activities.


That’s why Wetacoo launched a platform where you can handle this process in few clicks.

You don’t have to worry about moving furniture and find empty space, because an experienced team will be at your home to do all the work.

How it


If you need storage for a while, on Wetacoo you can book your pickup, choose how much space you need and for how long. Then the team takes care of the rest.



Just in Italy, the market of on-demand storage reaches 200M €. A business opportunity that is only partially served by traditional players and some self-storage services.


The team aims to strengthen their position in Rome, then to launch Milan and the rest of Italian cities from 2022. They want to establish Wetacoo as the main player in the country.


A young, yet experienced team with a strong orientation to execution. Founders' experiences in strategic consulting allowed them a smart management on various business development phases and detailed operational control.