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Elisabetta Beninato


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Startup details


Content marketing is a top priority for 53% of marketers and accounts for 30% of total marketing budgets. Yet, most of companies struggle with distributing their content online, because selecting the right newspapers and blogs takes time, and turning to marketing agencies is expensive. Therefore Yuppi wants to enable companies, brands, marketers, and bloggers to take full advantage of Content Marketing.


Yuppi is a marketplace that completely digitalizes the Content Marketing process and articles’ publication. Companies can publish their articles in newspapers and blogs selecting them via catalog with multiple filters, visible prices, and SEO metrics.

How it


The publishing process takes place in just a few clicks: companies can purchase their space in a blog/newspaper, and even have a copywriter write the content.



The Global Content Marketing market (Total Addressable Market) is valued $ 400 Billions with a 16% CAGR (2021-2025). In Italy is valued 7$ Billions. Our Serviceable Available Market is 100 million euro.


The customized platform will be out in December. The team intends to grow the number of blogs available, to offer a complete solution for every vertical market.


An experienced team, with a track record in building e-commerce and brand strategies.